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The Traveling Fullerton’s

30 years later and we are still a team sharing with our love for traveling, hiking, biking and the arts.

Steve and I met in 1986 at El Toro’s Communication Squadron 38, California.  I worked in Supply and he was the NCO in charge of NBC.  Our journey together has full of joys and trials, of course.  We love living in the American West. We can quickly get to so many beautiful areas and parks.  So come along with us on our journey across our beautiful country and the world.

What We Do

We both love to travel and do frequently.  Steve’s job requires him to travel 1000-3000 miles every month.  This has been a requirement for over 15 years now in Florida and for the past 8 years in Colorado and many other western states.  So for us, it works when I can go with him.  Of course it really helps that he covers some of the most beautiful territory in the world.  WE go!

Quality & Materials

The pursuits of excellence and perfection are fundamental in Donna’s approach to every work.  The finest materials are used in all her works. From paper to Chinese Silk to her selection of paints she selects ones that will best present her works and hold up to the test of time.

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Donna’s Art Bio

“Growing up in green hills of Western North Carolina,” Donna Fullerton says, “I spent a great deal of time outdoors on many adventures, developing a close kinship with wildlife and nature. That kinship has become the foundation for her art and photography.  She spends a great amount of time outdoors searching for animals or the best times and locations for her landscape photography.  She uses the interactions with animals as the basis for her watercolors, sometimes with whimsy and other times conveying the scene as documented.  Her works with oils and mixed media can be bold from her influential years spent in Brazil and Japan with the bold samba and the brightly colored painting styles of the Japanese.  Decades of experience, immersion, and formal education in the arts have brought to her work a balanced sense of style and composition.  From her early travels, she employs a bold palette for most of her painterly mediums.

Inspired by her many travels, her photographic passion has been to create artful and authentic works that convey a sense of tranquility, beauty and mystery.  Her hope is to visually transport them into the scene.

Her many influences include Ansel Adams, Bach, Gershwin, Corot, Wagner, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Kirkland, Margaret Bourke-White and especially works from the Romantic and Impressionist Periods.  Her best inspiration comes from being out-of-doors hiking with her husband and her camera.

Her photography has appeared or been featured in online magazines and websites, including the National Park Foundation, National Park Service, The International Audubon Society, The Department of the Interior, and National Geographic Society.  Her works are for sale in various stores in the National Parks, online and locally at the Working Artist Gallery.  Most recently her photo Coke Oven Views was awarded the cover of the NPS Centennial Edition Photo Book. June, she had two photos published by National Geographic’s online magazine and was invited to Yellowstone to shoot with National Geographic Your Shot. She regularly travels in the western states to add to her portfolio.

Donna lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, with her husband, Steve, and their two Hemingway cats, Claire and Indy. She regularly travels in the western states to add to her portfolio and plans a 2018 trip to South Africa.

About Steve

The Sherpa

I wear the term “The Sherpa” like a badge of honor. Give me a pack, or a ton of gear and I will get you where you need to be.

I’ve never been one to sit around and watch sporting events and I sure as heck don’t set my schedule by them. If you see me lounging around on a weekend afternoon then there is a good chance I am injured or sick and even then it is hard to get me to sit still

If I have the time and if the weather is cooperating (or isn’t) there is a good chance I am outside looking to ride one of my bikes, go hiking, exploring or canyoneering. It’s been that way since I drew my first breath and it will be that way until I draw my last.

When I’m not out keeping busy on my own, there is a high likelihood that I have been conscripted into servitude by my wife and best friend Donna. It’s pretty much been that way since we met in the United States Marine Corps back in the 1980’s and I don’t see that changing. Its my job to plan the route to wherever we are going, make sure we leave on time and get where we need to be which is important for those early morning or late day shots when the lighting is optimal for photography. Its also my job to carry the big pack on the way out on the long hikes and to carry it and her pack on the way back in. I wouldn’t have it any other way…


  • 2006-16  Publication in National Geographic Online Magazine
  • 2016  Awarded the Cover of the National Park Service’s Centennial Edition Photo book of all the 400+ units of the NPS.
  • 2016  Photo Favored by Editors of National Geographic Online Magazine
  • 2014  Published National Park Foundation and Department of the Interior
  • 2011-15  Chosen for CNM Calendar and Grand Junction Calendar
  • 2013 Finalist International Audubon Society of Denver
  • 2013-15  Various awards with the Photographic Society of America
  • 2007  Female Marine Association Scholarship
  • 2005/7   Full Music Scholarship, Seminole State College
  • 2007  AA in Flute Performance, Phi Theta Kappa, Highest Honors  Seminole State College, Fl.
  • 2007  Recipient – Math & English Scholarships, Seminole State College.
  • 2004  Cheryl Bogdanowitsch Sculpture Scholarship, Crealde School of Art
  • 1987  Good Conduct Medal, USMC
  • 1983  Graduate School of Music, Little Creek Naval Base
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