Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
Views along the road in Arches of The Three Gossips

Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

We love Moab! Other than getting the photos, I love to bike there. We did a Skinny Tire race there a couple of times. One year, I made the 30 miles up to Dead Horse Point from town probably averaging 6mph when I saw Steve zooming down the hill, passing me at 25 mph. He is a beast on the bike. I enjoy riding but was never very fast, even in my triathlon days. Swimming was my better event. Here are some random shots from Arches. If you are interested in a print, please let me know.

After driving past the visitor’s center, you come to Park Avenue on the left. It is an easy walk on a paved path to this view.

Formations of Courthouse Towers with Three Gossips on the left

Skyline Arch

Super Moon through Window Arch

Partition Arch

Sunset at Turret Arch

Pine Tree Arch

Skull Arch in the Fiery Furnace – a favorite of mine

Steve and I in front of Partition Arch in 2011. It is a bit of a hike to get to this point. Well, it was then. We were not used to hiking and scrambling.

Sometimes the trail has water along the way to Delicate Arch.

A formation at Park Avenue

Balanced Rock

A view from Navajo Arch of the La Sals

Canyoneering at Park Avenue. This formation looked to me like the formation in the movie A Night at the Museum. It looks like it is getting ready to talk.

And these two chatty ravens were talking just over my head.

A sunrise over Arches National Park from Willow Springs Campground in Moab

We stopped at the Double Arch on bright afternoon. I took some shots while Steve went for a walk. I came home to find Steve in one of the photos. He makes it more interesting.

A view from one of the Canyoneering Trips. See the carabiners on the right and the drop? Yes, I went down that drop, me with my fear of heights.

Another view from Park Avenue

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