• Sedona Red Rocks

Arizona – Grand Canyon & Sedona

in December

Our trip to Arizona yielded beautiful sites in Sedona, Arizona and a Super Moon in the Grand Canyon.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon in the afternoon of December 2nd.  I was hoping for clear skies. We started the visit into the South Rim of the Canyon at the Watch Tower. There was a father & son sculpting duo that had some very nice pieces inside the watch tower.

Bull Elk by tree in the Grand Canyon

We were a little distracted on the drive for the sunset shot by these elk.  The bull elk was in the Watch Tower Parking lot area.  We watched a number of tourists going for selfies within 10 feet of this beast to the point where Steve finally cautioned a few of them.

He was shedding the velvet from its antlers.  It must really itch.  He kept at it for some time.

Grand Canyon Sunset

Driving over to find a good sunset spot, we stopped near Maricopa Point due to limited parking.  Tripod and Camera in hand I walked down the slight incline toward the Bright Angel Trail and the overlook.  I had no sooner started setting up my tripod when I spotted the moon peeking over the North Rim.

We spent the night at the Best Western -74 AZ-64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, after eating at Plaza Bonita which was a bit disappointing.

Next day we were up very early for the sunrise.  It was a bit chilly, but no snow. We spent a good amount of time talking to a Brazilian fellow traveling through the west on his way to NY.  I think he was surprised to find someone who(me) able to speak some portuguese. Junior was filming the sunrise, timelapse.  His journeys and photos can be found here.

Bird Watching

We headed over to Yavapai Point just to check it out. We hadn’t been to this point and it has a fantastic Geology Museum.

While Steve was talking to the NPS volunteers I headed out with the camera for views and birds.  I didn’t have to walk far to find a number of cuties drinking around a leaking water pipe. Click to enlarge image.

Sedona’s Red Rocks

We hurried on to our next stop, Sedona, mostly just to see the Red Rocks.  We were not disappointed. Click through the slideshow below.

All in all, it was a great trip to Arizona. We’ll be back later this year and I hope to get back to the Park.

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