Kalalu Trail

Kalalu Trail

Kalalu Trail on the Na Pali Coast is exceptionally beautiful, but also one of the most deadly hikes. It is 11 miles. Without a permit(months in advance) we were only able to go 2.2 miles or 4.4 round trip. It had been raining on and off for days and was slicker than OWL #### on that trail. We went 1100 feet of elevation and felt like I was on a Slip N’ Slide at times. At the beach area, we bouldered instead of crossing the creek to get to the beach area. The surf was massive and no one was supposed to even wade in the water. You can see from the photos. I love trails like this with ocean waves, birds, lizards, flowers and views, oh the views! I was so tired by the time we got to the beach but made it. We crossed the creek on the way back and did not boulder. I was sick in Dec and February and definitely out of shape and glad for Steve’s help, especially bouldering. See below to click for Shama’s song on Youtube. After we hiked, we went to Kalypso Bar and Grill and had a wonderful lunch of Coconut Shrimp. I had two beers and was so tired I went to sleep when we got to the room and crashed til the next morning. https://www.facebook.com/kalypsobarandgrill/

Orchidea Linda – I believe was along the trail out to the coast.

Brown Anole was resting and just about got squished. They are not native to Hawaii, but Cuba.

Hala Fruit which can taste like sugarcane and Mango. I really should have bought some at the store, but found out to late about this Island treat.

White-rumped Shama was quite the singer. I heard its song and had to scan the area. I finally found it as it kept singing. Here is the Shama’s Song

I can see the beach from here.

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