Kauai – Day One & Two

Kauai – Day One & Two

We headed up to the Koke’e State park on 550 with over looks of the Waimea Canyon State Park. We had really great seafood at the Kauai Island Seafood, https://kauaiislandbrewing.com walked the south beach with it’s brownish sands finally attending the Sunday Princeville Art Market. All over the island you find the feral chickens. The roosters are just about the most beautiful I’ve seen. https://www.facebook.com/PrincevilleNightMarket I didn’t get any pictures from the night market. I did buy a few things. 🙂

The views heading to the runway were blue, cloudy, misty and gorgeous.

There is a bit of lore about these roosters. Two hurricanes destroyed the coops which release the chickens into the jungles. Those chickens mated with the Polynesian wild red jungle fowl. I know that Johna would love to have one of these roosters!

The hens are beautiful, too.
Loquat Tree – I hope to find some at a market to try.

Here I am at one of the overlooks. Steve get shots of me and is most helpful.
Lots of happy drive by tourism today.
Waipo ‘o Waterfalls
Waimea Canyon Views
Waimea Canyon Rainbow
Waimea Canyon Rainbow
Southern Coast of Kauai were you can drive on the beach. We walked about a mile in the soft sand.

We found a great brewpub with really great MahiMahi fish and chips. The fries and onion rings were crispy and served with a papaya chili sauce. It was all good. Steve had a couple of the beers and I had the Wai’ale’ale Golden Ale and Napali Pale Ale. I had a Lilikoi tea(passionfruit).

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