Laysan Albatross and more

Laysan Albatross and more

We first spotted the Albatross on the Wildlife Refuge next to the Kilauea Lighthouse. The birds were flying over at times. The rookery was further away and not accessible. We did spot two parents and a juvenile at the rookery.

There were three at first on the golf course, clicking, dancing off beat, bowing and screaming. These large birds made quite the spectacle and were fun to watch. She picked her mate and the other male flew away. With wing spans over 9 feet, these birds can fly up to 10,000 miles in a single trip. They can live up to 70 years.

Albatross kiss
Mating Dance
Red Crested Cardinal
Saffron Finch and not the greatest resolution
My favorite, a Rose-Ringed Parakeet – more info about these birds.

Brown Boobie was not as common as the Red-Footed Boobie

A Great Frigatebird

The Great Frigatebird is a highly mobile and wide-ranging seabird found across much of the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans, and parts of the South Atlantic. The species breeds on most of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (an estimated 5,000 pairs), with the largest breeding colony found on Nihoa(off the coast of Kauai) . A single breeding record from Mokumanu Islet off Oʻahu is the only breeding record for the Southeastern Hawaiian Islands. However, Great Frigatebirds can be found year-round in all of the Hawaiian Islands and are often seen roosting or soaring over offshore islets in large numbers, often numbering into the hundreds. On Kauaʻi, Great Frigatebirds are regularly seen at coastal locations anywhere around the island, but are easiest to see at Kilauea Point, where there are usually numerous birds soaring over the point itself, over nearby Crater Hill, or roosting on Mokuʻaeʻae Islet just north of the lighthouse. Taken from this site:

Pacific Golden Plover
The refuge birds are found on Kilauea Point Lighthouse
Hawaii’s State Bird, the Nene, and the only surviving endemic goose species of six described from the Hawaiian Islands. There were a number of them on the Westin Property where we stayed. We did see them in other areas. Steve’s phone pic.

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