• We only spotted one black rhino along the road our three days of shooting in Kruger. The black rhino is more aggressive than the white.
  • This beautiful male impala seemed to be greeting us as we drove through Kruger National Park on our first day there.

Kruger National Park

Our First Day in Kruger and the

Hazyview Area of South Africa

Giraffes in Kruger national park

So many animals in Kruger!

We decided to make Kruger National Park our first stop in South Africa.  We drove from Johannesburg on Friday the 16th of March, checked in early to the Sabi River Sun Resort in Hazyview, South Africa.  On Saturday we couldn’t wait to get our feet wet before our tour with Kruger Private Safaris the next morning, so we headed to the Park. Be prepared as its not a $20 fee for a whole car load and a 7 day pass like it is here in the States. It was roughly $35 per person, per day, regardless of the time of entry, so plan wisely. We didnt give it a second thought as we had plenty of daylight and were we ever glad we did. We spent the first few hours driving around, mouths agape, loving every moment and animal we spotted. Oh, and a quick note of warning: DO NOT MISS the park closing times. There is a very high penalty per person if you are not out of the park by closing time.

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