• Kruger leopard cub waiting for its breakfast of Kudu
  • Kruger Leopard Male stalking Kudu

Three Leopards – One Day

in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Arno Pietersen, our guide from Private Kruger Safaris spotted this leopard cub first.  We watched it for some time waiting for it to descend.  Its look of impatience reminded me of my son, Kyle.  The child with BRS (broken record syndrome) who was always asking, “Are we there yet?  Is it time yet?”  This older cub had been treed by a hyena that had been following the sent of a recent kill.  Its mother was about 25 yards away in the next tree eating a large kudu.  With all the tree limbs, she was a bit harder to see.   Leopards are excellent hunters and can drag a kill equal to 3 times its body weight up into a tree and the greater Kudus can weight over 500lbs.  The cub would cry out occasionally and sat there with a look of impatience while watching its mother eat.  It gave Donna the willies at one point with its well practiced look of ferocity.

Hanging out, waiting for breakfast.

The hyena os still down there!! Make it go away!

Kruger Leopard cub practicing viciousness
Leopard Mom with Kudu Breakfast in Kruger National park
Kruger leopard cub heading down to get to its breakfast.

Male Leopard Hunting

Later that morning, Arno Pietersen, our guide found another leopard for us.  This time it was a large, probably male leopard, he said.  We followed it for some time in the tall grass.  It was hunting kudu or impala as they were both in the area.   Much of the time, we could not see it in the grass.  Donna had a better view with the 500mm Canon lens we rented from Kruger Private Safaris.

Steve with his Google Pixel in hand, got this photo of Donna getting a shot of the mom eating its Kudu Breakfast.  According to our guide and to many people with which we spoke, seeing one leopard in Kruger is pretty rare, but three in one day is almost unheard of.  It truly was a day of goosebumps and thrills!

Photographer Donna Fullerton, getting photos in Kruger National Park with a Canon 5d Mark iv and a Canon 500mm lens.

Below is a slideshow of leopard images.

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