Our Short Visit To

Bailey, Colorado

In the foothills of the Rockies and close to Denver lies the town of Bailey.  We arrived in Bailey, Colorado after a long drive on the icy I-70 to visit our son Shane.  I was hoping to see some snow and we did.

We stayed at the Bailey Lodge.  The owner, Scott, was very friendly and helpful a great host with a cute collie named Bonnie who was as friendly as she was cute. She loves my son.

The Adventure Course

We drove over to see the new Adventure Course. I am really planning to return in the summer! The course looks amazing.  Here are some photos from our snowy day at the site. Click to image enlarge.

Look at these photos.  It’s like Swiss Family Robinson on Steriods and with snow. : )

Can you imagine building these ladders and stands in the winter?  I loved climing trees as a kid, but never with snow. Brrr…

Foxes, Gems and Food!

The next morning we drove into Bailey. There is an outdoor Museum with an old school house, railroad car and more.

While I was preoccupied with the schoolhouse, I was spotted by a fox, a black fox. It was my first encounter with one and it was a short meeting with no introductions.

After buying some worry stones at the Gem Store we headed on to Coney Island Boardwalk for a hotdog and fries.

The owner was quite friendly and Steve and Shane loved their lunches.

Steve had the polish sausage and Shane the Durango. The fries were the best part, that and the Black Cherry Soda.

Here is a popular place with a good selection of wine with an interesting name that covers all the bases.

Leaving Bailey we found this large statue along the highway.

This is the Christ the King Statue erected in 1933.  I got a shot of the 55 foot Christ at the turnout.

It is located on private property.

We plan to return to Bailey in the summer.  We definitely plan to try out the zipline!

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