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Donna's Story


I am from the foothills of Western NC.  As a child I spent a good deal of time playing outside.  There wasn't much on the TV then, but plenty of make believe.  I shared my adventures with my twin sister, Johna.  We both still love animals and the outdoors.  Johna never got into photography and hated the piano lessons, but does paint quite well.  I continued with the flute and piano joining the Marine Corps Band at the age of 18.  Today my passions include nature photography, painting, and music.   From piano, to flute, art, and swimming, I had a many, many lessons as a child.  I have continued my education over the decades with classes and workshops.  These days, I  mostly strive to create a  sense of beauty, tranquility and mystery in my work.   In 2010, Steve and I moved to western Colorado where my focus turned primarily to landscape and nature photography. I still love to play the flute and piano, but feel my best inspiration comes from being out-of-doors hiking with Steve and camera.  As well as being a vendor for multiple stores in the National Parks, I have been honored to have my work featured or published by the National Geographic Society, The National Park Foundation, The National and International Audubon Society, The National Park Service,  and the Department of the Interior. 

Our Story

The Traveling Fullerton's at Yellowstone with National Geographic's YourShot.

 Steve and I have been together since 1986 when we were both stationed at El Toro Marine Base.  32 years later, we are still together, more balanced in marriage, work and our lives.  Steve has spent the last 8 years covering the western US selling 911 systems in many counties and states.  I travel with him when I can. Honestly, I could not get to all of my photographic locations without my Sherpa, Steve.  Thankfully he likes to drive, navigate and sometimes carry gear while I kick my feet on the dash and read a book or edit photos on the fly as the landscapes whiz by the window.

Artist - Photographer


 I've been painting and drawing as long as I can remember. I got into photography over 20 years ago to photograph things I wanted to paint.  Our move to Colorado gave me one beautiful landscape after another from which to photograph.  I focused much of my time and energy learning the craft of photography.  After almost 10 years of focus on photography, I have been returning to painting over the past two years. 

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.".  Thomas Jefferson


Donna was awarded Best Artist for 2018 by the Readers of the Grand Junction Sentinel.

Best of the West

 Donna was voted best artist by the readers of the Grand Junction Sentinel for 2018.  

A Mustang of the Sand Wash Basin awarded best photo by the National Park Foundation for August

Handsome Paint

 This photo was awarded best photo for August by the National Park Foundation's Share the Experience contest out of 10s of 1000s of photos. Donna and Steve are going on a two night stay in Napa and received a free National Park Pass!  Click on the mustang to go to the SharetheExperience website.

Colorado National Monument Coke Ovens landscape Photography by Donna Fullerton

NPS Awards Centennial Cover to Donna

Donna was honored to have been awarded  the cover of the NPS's Centennial Edition Photobook in 2016. This book contains photos of the 400+ units of the National Park System. 

Published by National Geographic Your Shot

  In May of 2017, I was invited to Yellowstone to shoot with National Geographic's Your Shot for the celebration of the NPS 100th Anniversary.  I was honored in June of that year  to be able to add my photography to the list of people published by National Geographic.

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NANPA Converence

 Donna will be attending the NANPA conference in Las Vegas 2/21-2/23

All day

Westlake Las Vegas Resort

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