Orchids in Washington DC

Orchids in Washington DC

These were at the National Portrait Gallery https://npg.si.edu/exhibition/orchids-amazing-adaptations I do enjoy walking in floral exhibitions, especially orchids. Even though there were so many people milling about, eating, chatting, and taking photos of these beautiful orchids, I still loved the heady, thick floral air. Orchids are found on every continent but Antartica. I will be using some of these as subjects for my watercolors. Oh, and please ask for permission to use any of my photos as I spend copious amounts of time and dollars getting to areas of interest and time editing the photos as well. Thank you, Donna

Paphiopedilum lowii LIFE FORM- Epiphytic
Brassocattleya Morning Song
Cymbidium 2 Clarisse Austin ‘Humboldt State Park’
Cymbidium Koushu Dream ‘Sweet Sugar’ Cymbidium clonal hybrid

Phalaenopsis schilleriana – Schiller’s Phalaenopsis

Rebecca T. Northen

The Julia Child of Orchids from https://gardens.si.edu/exhibitions/orchids-hidden-stories-of-groundbreaking-women/

“American biologist Rebecca Northen (1910–2004) traveled the world studying and collecting orchids. Her 1950 book, Home Orchid Growing, did for orchid growing what Julia Child did for French cooking: demystifying it for a general audience. Seventy years later, it is still one of the best- known reference books on how to cultivate orchids.” 1 Below is a link to her book’s 4th edition.


Cymbidium hybrid LIFE FORM- Terrestrial GROUP- [vascular plants] Cymbidium Enzan Moon ‘Gotto No Shrimp
Schunkeara Big Shot ‘Hilo Sparkle’ (Aliceara Tahoma Glacier x Miltoniopsis Maui Titan
Paphiopedilum Lathamianum
xBrassidium FANGtastic Bob Henley “HOF”
One of my favorites × Brascidostele Gilded Tower ‘Mystic Maze’

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